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Group Photos

Group Photo May 2014


Left to right: Rick, Lucienne, Lucy, Denise, Ben, Sandy, Gemma, Dan P, MIG, Caroline, Rob K, Sang-Ho, Sarah-Jane, Elaina, Tom.

Absent: Lewis, Rob D, Dan M, Cathy, Yunhua,

Group Photo February 2013


(left to right): Caroline, Rob, Sarah-Jane, Becky, Lucienne, Matt ( Da boss), Dan P, Lewis, Cecillia, Tom, Julia.

Dan Mitchel and Alaina not shown

Group Photo November 2011

Group November 2011

(left to right): Tom, Matthew, Dan, Rob, Mat, Matt (boss.), Mark, Sarah-Jane, Caroline, Alaina

Group Photo July 2010



Misc photos below.

MIG awarded poster prizes at the Inter-DTC conference in May 2012 (Warwick), following his lecture.
(winner is Jenny Webb)


PC 2012 (changchun) conference photo - great meeting with great science


MIG being awarded the (very prestigious..) 2010 Harry Wiles Sporting Performance Cup for Staff verses Students annual cricket match (specifically for his fielding performance). The staff were thoroughly beaten

MIG Trophy

Matt Was Young once.. 2003..(scanned photo... not so old to only have B&W!!)

MIG 2003