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Microbiology and Bioengineering



HPLC LaminarHood OpticalMicroscope si
HPLC. Agilent 1260. Quartenary pump, bioinert. RI, Fluorsence and UV detector and autosampler/collection. Class II. Microbiology Safety Hood Inverted Microscope with Digital camera and single channel (GFP) fluorsence. Shaking Incubators. One is capable of low as well as high temperature.
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pH Meter

Gilson Pipetmax. Automated pipetting robot, for liquid/culture transfers. Plate reader. Absorbance (monochromater), fluorsence/luminesence (Filter) plus temperature control. Centrifuge 5810R with swinging bucket rotor. Temperature controlled
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Static Incubator Eppendorf ThermoMixer C Jenway 6300 Spectrophotometer Centrifuge 58424R. Temperature controlled.