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Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine and Infectious Disease

We are interested in how we can use biomaterials science to address some of the biggest issues facing mankind. Thanks to medical advances in the past century, people are living longer, but we face major problems of an aging population and antibiotic resistance. We make use of materials and carbohydrate science to address these. We also recognise the importance of fundamental research combining aspects of organic chemistry, polymer/particle synthesis and characterisation, surface science and analytical science with biochemistry. Most of the work is in collaboration with biologists or medics ensuring we focus on solutions for relevant problems.

Most of all, we focus on high-quality science and the dissemination of these results to scientific and wider communities to generate real impact.

We have the research facilities in house to synthesise these compounds, characterise them, undertake biophysical assays all the way to cell models. Check out our facillities.

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 AFP Responsive 
 GlycoPathogens NPs 
 Surfaces Antibiotics