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Suppliers and reorders

This page will contain information for regular orders (e.g. codes from aldrich or other companies) as well as codes for re-ordering spare parts for equipment.



Product Supplier (including web link) Code Price when last ordered Other information
Microscope bulbs Fisher Scientific (link) 12932041
(Legacy Code FB70458)
£22.20 Each
Microscope cover slips VWR (link) 631-0124 £25.20 10 x 100
Ovine Erythrocytes TCS Biosciences (link) SB054 £44.35 (inc. delivery) 100 mL
24-well plates for BeWo cell culture Greiner BioOne (link) 662160 £56.30 100 plates
96 Well plates for absorbance Greiner BioOne      
96 Well plates for ELISA - High Binding, flat well, clear Greiner BioOne 655061 £24.53 40 plates
Fluorescein Isothiocyanate (FITC) Sigma (link) F7250 £15.90 100 mG
Amine Coated 96 Well Microplates BD Biosciences 354717 £60.00  

Site for antibodies, proteins, ELISA plates etc...

MyBioSource (link)

Site for lectins

Vector Labs (link)