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Facilities and Equipment

The GibsonGroup is based in purpose-built (2014) laboratories in the new £25 million Materials and Analytical sciences building and a satalite laboratory in Warwick Medical School. These new laboratories contain dedicated, state of the art, facilities for pursuing our ambitious research at the interface of Materials and Life Sciences. This includes a synthetic chemistry lab, a suite of biophysical and high throughput measurement equipment, (especially for carbohydrate-protein interactions) dedicated facilities for mammalian cell culture and also a microbiology facility for protein production and antimicrobial testing. See the indivudual labs and their facilites, below

Synthetic Laboratory


This glass-walled laboratory has state-of-the-art fume hoods. It contains standard laboratory equipment such as rotorary evaporators, ovens, heating plates/baths and centrifuges. A 'wet' corridor links the labs, to avoid contaminating the office spaces and is adjacent to the high field NMR lab.

Analytical Laboratory


This modern laboratory contains our dedicated analytical facilties for taking biophysical measurements and conducting high quality analytical science. There are additional fume hoods for sample preparation also. There are several microscopes (optical) as well as temperature (Liq N2 to 200 C) controlled stages. We also have facilties for high-throughput experiementation including liquid handling robots (tubes to 384 well plates) and microarray printing and modern instrumentation to analyse these interactions.

Cell Culture Laboratory


This is our category I biosafety cell culture laboratory for handling mammalian tissue culture. There are facilites for viability and uptake assays (UV and fluorsence spectrometers), inverted fluoresence microscope for live cell imaging, cell counters and safey hoods.

Microbiology and Bioenginnering

WMSLab parnaorama

Category 1 biosafety laboratory for microbiology and protein expression based in Warwick Medical School. This includes robotic liquid handling systems, variable temperature microscopes, incubators for multi-litre protein expression and spectrometers. There is also a a fully equiped HPLC with autosampler and fraction collectors and multiple detectors.

Write Up and Breakout areas

The group has dedicated write-up/office areas, with desk and computer space for all group members in new offices with views over woodland/farms. We also have breakout areas/kitchen for informal gatherings and comfortable scientific (or not!) discussions and a very well used coffee machine.

Departmental Facilities

The chemistry department also has world-leading solution (7 instruments) and solid state (>10 joint with physics) NMR, Quartz crystal microbalance, Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Particle Sizing, Electron microscopy (TEM, SEM, Cryo-TEM), confocal microscopy, Size exclusion chromatography (>5 instruments with multiple detectors), high resolution mass spectrometry (>10 instruments including 2 x MALDI-TOF) and much more.