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Welcome to the Intranet

Welcome to the!


Please keep the pages tidy

Dont upload too much rubbish (i.e. store your music somewhere else!)

If you think we need a new section, ask Laura Wilkins - she is the webmaster

DO update the calender regularly

Lab details powerpoint 2015/16: (Powerpoint Presentation) 


Admin Password for PCs

DO NOT LOGIN as this user - if I find anyone logged in, then all admin rights will be removed from everyone. Period.

DO NOT change this password

If you need to install software, proceed as usual and the select the 'run as admin' or similar option.

I dont expect to see you installing lots of additional software (such as itunes...) but please just use common sense.


Login: softinstall

Password l@malav1da


Login: User name "admin", password "Gilson268"

Software login: both username and password "dev"

Group e-mail list details

Group e-mail administration site:

Group e-mail administration site password: g1bson89

Group e-mail address:

Backup Guidelines - for the External Hard Drive

1) Please insure that all your work and data is organised and saved under your "My Documents" folder, and that no personal stuff is saved there.

2) The contents of everyone's "My Documents" folders will be backed up on the 1st of every month by Tom, but you can back up more often if you wish.

3) Everyone will have the previous 3 months backed up separately, so you can go back if something accidently gets overwritten/saved and you inadvertantly lose data. If you are backing up more frequently/something special then make a different file.

4) PLEASE insure that the contents of your "my Documents" folders only contain files and documents. Any programs or anything downloaded from the internet (ie paper pdfs, images etc) can contain viruses and other headaches.

5) When not in use please put the disk, its usb cable, and its power cable back in the box, and give the box to Tom or Matt.

Other Group Websites

We also use Trello for event organisation:

Slack for paper writing and discussion:

And Quartzy for keeping track of chemicals:

Shared Drive

For networked PC: M-Drive\MS Team\Gibson

M-Drive appears in list on left hand side as 'Shared (\\ (M:)'

For non-networked MacBooks: Open finder, click on Go on the top bar, then select connect to server. Input smb:// as the server address and connect (uni log in required). The select 'MS Team' then 'Gibson'.

If the Gibson folder does not appear in the MS Team folder, speak to Ange to ask her to give you access.


NMR Room Access Code: 7921

Physics printer room code: 8161

WMS office code: 1358

MAS 1.04 code: 4107

Science works...


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