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EU FTICR Network

The University of Warwick Ion Cyclotron Resonance Laboratory is a member of the EU FTICR Mass Spectrometry Network (a Horizon 2020 emerging communities network grant).

As such, we aim to achieve the following (partly here at Warwick and also with the other members of the network):

1. We will undertake some joint research activities with the rest of the network. Our part of this research is to develop 2-Dimensional mass spectrometry using ultraviolet photodissociation.

2. We will provide access to our FTICR mass spectrometry capabilities. The travel and instrument access costs are pre-paid by the H2020 grant, for trans-national access (TN). We are budgeted for 10 (TN) collaboration visits annually. The network is currently setting up an peer-review and access website for these collaborations, but please contact me if there's any questions or if the website isn't yet functional. p dot oconnor at warwick dot ac dot uk

Unique/extra capabilities we can provide within the network using our 12 T FTICR mass spectrometers include:

a. MS/MS using CAD, ETD, ECD, EID, EDD, IRMPD (10.6 micron), and UVPD (193, 215, and 266 nm)

b. 2-dimensional mass spectrometry using ECD and IRMPD (at least, see #1 above)

c. nano-LC-MS/MS using the fragmentation techniques above

d. proteomics, glycomics, metabolomics, polymeromics, and petroleomics expertise

e. resolution of the isotopic hyperfine structure in small and medium sized molecules.

3. We will expand collaborations with FTICR even beyond the TN collaboration visits.

4. We will provide fundamental, instrumentation, applications, and data analysis training for users and colleagues at all levels for FT-ICR. This will involve summer schools, workshops, and conferences.

5. We will develop a data storage and access system for the EU-FTICR Network.