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Arts and Humanities

Our new Arts and Humanities Building

Our new Faculty of Arts Building will unite all Faculty of Arts and Humanities departments under one roof.

Open to all

The open, flexible space will encourage collaboration, creativity and innovation. It is currently under construction and will open in the 2021/22 academic year.

At eight storeys high, it will be one of the tallest buildings on campus. Its study, café and exhibition spaces will be open to the whole Warwick community. It will also form a hub for public engagement in the arts, culture and humanities.

Creative teaching spaces

Teaching spaces will include lecture theatres, and smaller teaching and seminar rooms. These will be available to staff and students from across our community.

There are also specialist Arts and Humanities teaching facilities, including:

  • Antiquities Room
  • Creative Writing studio
  • Cinema and screening rooms
  • Theatre studios and rehearsal rooms
  • Media and editing suite
  • Media and creative industries rooms

“We are looking for a building that is open, inviting and flexible.

A place that allows collaboration, creativity and innovation to flourish.

That acts as a hub for public engagement in the humanities and creative arts, and that serves the entire University, its stakeholders and the public, by nurturing cultural value and creating partnerships at the regional, national and international level.”

Professor Simon Gilson
Chair of the Faculty of Arts at project inception.