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Dr Paul Wilson

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Dr Paul Wilson

Royal Society University Research Fellow 

About Me

Paul is a Royal Society Tata University Research Fellow work at the interface of polymer/materials synthesis/fabrication and electrochemistry. He previously studied chemistry at the University of Bristol (MSci, 1st Class, 2006) before completing a Ph.D. in organic chemistry (Warwick, Prof Andrew Clark, 2010). After spending 18 months working in a spin-out company working on reversible deactivation radical polymerisation and bioconjugation R&D, Paul returned to Warwick in late 2011 as a PDRA and then a senior research fellow in the group of Prof Dave Haddleton.

At the end of 2013, he took a senior research fellow (group leader) position in the group of Prof Tom Davis as part of the Monash – Warwick Alliance before being awarded a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship in 2015. Paul has expertise in (macro)molecular synthesis, supramolecular chemistry (self-assembly), bioconjugation and surface modification, all of which feature prominently in his current research.

His URF is focused on developing a platform for nanoscale synthesis and nanofabrication, through combining the capabilities of scanning electrochemical probe microscopy techniques with electrochemically-mediated organic, macromolecular and supramolecular chemistry to enable localised, spatially and temporally controlled chemical synthesis and modification at surfaces and interfaces.