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2022-23 sponsorship is still undergoing and our current sponsors are shown below.


WMG Catapult Bighead

Diab Filamentive Poggi

Rapid Rexroth Stoney Cove

Our Goal

We aim to have a race-worthy submarine to compete in the 2023 ISR17 competition hosted by the US Navy in Maryland, USA, and to build upon the foundation for future Warwick entries to this international competition. Our goals require the focus and determination from our team members, as well as the kind support from sponsors and industrial contacts.

Why Sponsor Warwick Submarine?

As a student project, majority of Warwick Submarine costs are funded through sponsorship. As such, we would greatly appreciate any support that your company is willing to provide. This might include direct financial support or in-kind contributions, including expertise, components, materials, use of manufacturing or testing facilities.

Involvement in the project means attaching your brand to the University of Warwick. The profile of this project extends throughout the university, WMG, and to the public via press releases and social media. The audience extends to students, graduates, academics, business leaders and potential customers, and the more success we can get with your help, the greater the exposure. Warwick Submarine has a long history of winning awards in consecutive years, and you would be supporting a highly successful team.

We are able to provide direct access to some of the best and most highly regarded graduates in Europe. We are happy to arrange events for you to speak directly to students, to leave promotional material for students, and consider other activities that you may find beneficial for recruitment.

Benefits of Sponsoring Warwick Submarine

All benefits serve as a guide to what we can offer in return for financial support or in-kind contributions. Any requests can be accommodated for within a mutually understanding partnership.


  • Use of our submarine for showcase events and exhibitions
  • Company logo on marketing material, livery, social media, and on the submarine
  • Promotion of your company through case studies, press releases, and videos


  • Implementation and testing of new products demonstrating that they are applicable to our submarine


  • Invitation to speak to students at our university
  • Access to CV booklets and recruitment opportunities

How do I sponsor?

We would be delighted to hear from you and are greatly appreciative for all types and degrees of sponsorship.

For any enquiries about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Adrian Yan at