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Warwick Concrete Printing


About the project

 This project aims to design a simple, low-cost gantry system to allow an optimal concrete mix, specifically mortar, to be 3D printed. Different concrete mixtures will be researched, tested and critically analysed to find an optimal design. The gantry system will be configured using a combination of up-cycled and new components on a limited budget. A completed aim is when both the gantry system and an optimal mortar mix are determined, regarding viscosity and extrudability. A sample will be printed which can be tested following Eurocode standard.

The team

The team with test sample

From left to right: Alex Downer, Jainish Patel, Dubiga Kumarasamy, Benjamin Masillamany, Alice Szulc

WCP logo printed

WCP logo printed

Warwick Concrete Printing (WCP) logo printed using the developed system and concrete mix.

The Team

Alex DownerLink opens in a new window

Project Lead

MEng Civil Engineering

Alice SzulcLink opens in a new window

Mechanical Lead

MEng Mechanical Engineering


Benjamin MasillamanyLink opens in a new window

Civil Lead

MEng Civil Engineering


Dubiga KumarasamyLink opens in a new window


MEng Civil Engineering



Jainish PatelLink opens in a new window


MEng Civil Engineering


The Supervisors

Dr. Reyes Garcia

Dr. Reyes GarciaLink opens in a new window

Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering


Dr. Javier Munguia

Dr. Javier MunguiaLink opens in a new window

Associate Professor


Sponsorship & Enquiries

Our project is currently funded the University of Warwick's School of Engineering. If you would like to be involved/ or any other enquiries, please contact:

(Secretary for Warwick Concrete Printing)