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Professional Services Staff (Administrative and Technical)

Fahim Atify (Mr)Senior Civil Engineering Technician
Dally Bains (Ms)Administrative Assistant
Justyna Ballard (Mrs)Building and Facilities Assistant
Claire Barratt (Ms)Executive Officer
Clare Batchelor (Miss)Taught Programmes Assistant
Gabrielle Bennett (Miss)
Lorraine BlackwellHealth and Safety Officer
Dean Boni (Mr)Senior Accounting Assistant
Iain Brown (Mr)Multi Craft Technician
Vicki Burge (Ms)Taught Programmes Assistant
Darren Burgess (Mr)Precision Engineer
Jacob Burgess (Mr)Electronics/Electrical Technician
Benjamin Carr (Mr)
James Catherwood (Mr)Precision Engineer
Simon Chong (Mr)Senior Civil Engineering Technician
Christina Claridge (Miss)Postgraduate Administrative Assistant
Stephanie ConnahUnitemp
Francis Courtney (Mr)Senior Sensors Research Technician
Martyn Darby (Mr)Assistant Technical Services Manager
Gavin Downs (Mr)Electronics Engineer
Robert Edwards (Mr)Precision Engineer
Maria Feijoo - Renomes (Mrs)Research Project Manager
Katie Fisk (Mrs)Finance Assistant
Julie Freemantle (Ms)Academic and Student Services Manager
Bethany Galvin (Miss)Technician
Neil Gillespie (Mr)Senior Civil Engineering Technician
Emma Godfrey (Dr)Taught Programmes Assistant
Simran Goswami (Miss)Administrative Assistant
Andrew Graham (Mr)Semiconductor and Cleanroom Technician
Stephen Griffin (Mr)Senior Electronics Technician
Ian Griffith (Mr)Electronics Engineer
Luke Hall (Mr)Placement and Internship Officer
Amy Hamson (Mrs)Director of Operations
Kerrie HattonPostgraduate and CDT Administrative Officer
Mark Hewson (Mr)IT Teaching Support Officer
Kimberley Hunt (Mrs)Academic Processes Officer
Angela Hurst (Mrs)Programme Administrator ENHANCE
Sarah Jarratt (Mrs)
Richard Jefferies (Dr)Semiconductor Process Engineer
Victoria Jelicic (Ms)Programme Manager - Humanitarian Engineering
Steve Jones (Mr)Civil Engineering Technician
Charles Joyce (Mr)Mechanical Research Technician
Olivia Joyce (Mrs)Administrative Assistant
Dieu Kienge (Mr)Precision Engineer
Gary Lawton (Mr)Precision Engineer
Peter Lever (Mr)Web and IT Project Manager
Sarah Lewis (Mrs)Research Officer
John Maxwell (Mr)Student Recruitment Officer (Maternity Cover)
Leanne McCourt (Ms)Office Manager (ESO)
Ben McQuillan (Mr)Precision Engineer
Jonathan Meadows (Mr)Senior Electrical Electronics Technician
Zhuqing Meng (Mrs)Project Administrator - Conflex
Samantha Merrix (Ms)Senior Careers Consultant
Martin Millson (Mr)Design Manager
Daniel Moore (Mr)IT Support Officer
Kyle Morris (Mr)Chemical Engineering Technician
Tracey Moyle (Miss)Office Manager (Finance)
Craig Nelson (Mr)Precision Engineer
Emili Nyabunze (Mrs)Taught Programmes Assistant (Degree Apprenticeships)
Richard Owens (Mr)IT Support Analyst
Lauren Parker (Miss)Programmes Co-ordinator
Jose Perez De La Cruz (Mr)Project Officer
John Pillier (Mr)Chemical Engineering Facilities Technician
Shannon Ramsay (Miss)Design Technician
Marco Reichwein (Mr)Assistant Technical Services Manager
Ashley Richley (Mr)Departmental IT Operations Manager
Adrian Seymour (Mr)Technical and Facilities Manager
Elaine Smith (Mrs)Finance Manager
James Smith (Mr)Engineering Stores Supervisor
Kallirroi Stavrianou (Dr)Project Administrator (Gatekeeper and ODIN)
Chris Stokes (Dr)Research Development Manager
Pippa Taylor-McGill (Mrs)Administrative Assistant
Kathryn Thompson (Mrs)Student Recruitment Officer
Adam Wall (Mr)Process and Production Specialist (EBS)
Brian Walmsley (Mr)Precision Engineer
Caroline WhitehouseAdministrative Officer
Joel Whittle (Mr)Fluid Power Technician
Rachael Woods (Mrs)Accounts Officer


Academic and Research Staff