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Our research was showcased in the European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference 2017

Recent research results from our lab were showcased in the European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference 2017 (EMBEC’17), which took place from 11th to 15th June in Tampere, Finland.

Rossana Castaldo presented the results of a study assessing the validity of ultra-short heart rate variability features as surrogates of short-term features, using mental stress detection as a case study. She was shortlisted for the Young Investigator Competition for this work. Moreover, she introduced We Women Engineers (WWE) to the audience. WWE is a non-for-profit Italian organisation which aims to promote Biomedical Engineering among the general public and to increase the visibility and recognition of women within the field.

Additionally, Luis Montesinos presented the results of an exploratory study investigating the associations between day-to-day variations in sleep quality and human balance as assessed via posturography. This study is part of his PhD project, which aims to advance the knowledge and tools for accidental fall risk assessment and prediction.

Finally, Dr Leandro Pecchia presented the preliminary results of a study investigating the associations between performance and heart rate variability under repeated mental workload tasks. This study was carried out in collaboration with Dr Sebastiano Massaro, Assistant Professor at the Department of Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School. Dr Pecchia also delivered several talks on health technology assessment, which have been covered in previous posts.

All technical details can be found online in the EMBEC 2017 proceedings.