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Our next informal meeting is on Friday, 1 July 2011, 11am, Room 401

Recent presentations

03 June 2011 Mr John Hattersley (UHCW) Measurement of human energy expenditure: the Human Metabolic Research Unit (HMRU)

25 May 2011 Dr Annela Seddon (Bristol University) Nano drops and channels - using simple microfluidics for a range of applications

20 May 2011 Dr Kaz Tsuchiya (Tokai University, Japan) Development of a 'Mobile Hospital' with Painless Microneedle

01 April 2011 Dr Sue Chetwynd Research Ethics, Information and Consent

18 March 2011 Dr Marta Ugarte Metals on sight: zinc, iron and copper in retinal physiology and disease

04 March 2011 Mr Reza Ghaffari Discriminating VOCs using High-Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry

18 February 2011 Mr Richard Keir

04 February 2011 Dr Yongmann Chung Lung Flow Modelling

21 January 2011 Prof Jin Tong (Jilin University, China) Bio-surfaces and Biomimetics in Tribology

03 December 2010 Dr Neil Evans

05 November 2010 Ms Mary Finnegan

22 October 2010 Dr Alexander Nikitin

08 October 2010 Tung Yu

24 September 2010 Mr Mohammed Atari