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At the Symposium several delegates expressed the wish to get the file of Keynote speakers' presentations and of Kate Hibbert's presentation. Here below we have posted the presentations of the Keynote speakers who have agreed to their presentation being posted online:

Keynote 2 by Prof. William Powrie: Geotechnical hazards associated with closed municipal solid waste landfill sites

Keynote 3 by Prof. Eduardo Alonso: Recent developments of the Material Point Method for the simulation of landslides

Keynote 4 by Prof. GiovanBattista Crosta: Landslides falling onto a shallow erodible substrate or water layer: an experimental and numerical approach

Keynote 5 by Prof. Stephanie Glendinning: Research informed design management and maintenance of infrastructure slopes: development of a multi-scalar approach

Keynote 8 by Prof. Stefan Luding: Shear bands in dense granular flow: towards a local rheology. Effects of friction, softness, cohesion

The material presented by Kate Hibbert (How to write a scientific paper and get it published. Insight into how the publishing process works. Tips on how to produce a good paper. With an emphasis on Engineering Geology, an international journal) and more is available at Kate can be contacted at k dot hibbert at elsevier dot com for any questions.