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Geohazards and Geomechanics

International research staff exchange scheme (IRSES) EU FP7 programme.

The research programme is coordinated by the University of Warwick.

Network overview and Aims

The network aims to bring together the complementary expertise of world leading groups carrying out research on the engineering assessment, prevention and mitigation of geohazards, the main ones being floods, landslides, and earthquakes considering also the effect of climate change and human activity on soil degradation.

The goals of the network are: i) to investigate the key aspects of major geohazards (floodings, landslides, earthquakes) to bridge the current gaps in knowledge to improve significantly the current capabilities of prevention, preparedness and mitigation by bringing together specialists engaged in cutting edge research; ii) to enable knowledge exchange among experts in complementary research fields; iii) to train several Early Stage Researches (ESRs) to expand their knowledge during their stay at the host institution; iv) to improve the current normative standards and codes ruling geohazard prevention; v) to generate new approaches to the problems dealt with through exposure to different methodologies.

List of participants


Full partners

Department Contact name
University of Warwick School of Engineering Dr. Stefano Utili
Universita Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Geosciences Dr. Marcos Arroyo
 Universite Joseph Fourier / Grenoble INP
Laboratoire sols solides structures risques
Dr. Bruno Chareyre
Universita Milano Bicocca
Dipartimento di Scienze Geologiche e Geotecnologie Prof. Giovanbattista Crosta
Tongji University
Department of Geotechnical Engineering
Prof. Mingjing Jiang
Indian Institute of Science
Department of Geotechnical Engineering Prof. T.G. Sitharam
Tsinghua University
Department of Hydraulic Engineering Prof. Q. Sun

University of Edinburgh School of Engineering Prof. J. Ooi


The acivities taking place during the visits and the reserachers taking part into the network are detailed below:


UPC Barcelona

Grenoble INPG L3S

University of Edinburgh

Indian Institute of Science

Milano Bicocca

Tongji University

Tsinghua University