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Conference Papers

The papers are listed with the most recent paper first. Note that if a paper is marked with an asterisk (*) then you will need the Acrobat Reader to view the additional information on that paper.


      • "Uncertainty-aware Cross-dataset Facial Expression Recognition via Regularized Conditional Alignment," Zhou L, Fan X, Ma Y, Tjahjadi T, Ye Q, MM '20: Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, October 2020, Pages 2964–2972. paper available here.

      • "DiaTTroD: A Logical Agent Diagnostic Test for Tropical Diseases," Famador S M W, Tjahjadi T, Proceedings of the 2020 Computing Conference, vol. 3, 97-115, London, July 2020.


      • "Modelling Received Signal Strength from On-Vehicle BLE Beacons Using Skewed Distributions: A Preliminary Study," Ahmad B I, Ardeshiri T, Landgon P, Godsill S J, Popham T, Proceedings of 2017 20th International Conference on Information Fusion, 1027-1033, 2017.


      • "Feature Points Selection for Markerless Hand Pose Estimation," Morshidi M A, Tjahjadi T, received Best Paper Award, Proceedings of 2015 International Conference on Smart Sensors and Applications (ICSSA), 133-138, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysis, May 2015.


      • "A comparison of features for regression-based driver head pose estimation under varying illumination conditions," Walger D J, Breckon T P, Popham T, Proceedings of International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding (IWCIM), Paris, FRANCE, Nov 2014.

      • "Superpixel based semantic segmentation for assistance in varying terrain driving conditions," Gheorghe I, Li W D, Popham T, Burnham K J, Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Systems Engineering, Las Vegas, NV, Aug 2014.


      • "Redundant Feature Selection for Telemetry Data," Taylor P, Griffiths N, Bhalerao A, Popham T, Xhou X, Dunoyer A, Proceedings of 9th International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction (ADMI), Saint Paul, MN, May 2013.


        • "Texture Classification and Retrieval Based on Magnitude and Phase Features of Complex Wavelet Subbands," Celik T, Tjahjadi T, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Vol. 62, Springer, Proceedings of 25th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS2010) London, Sept. 2010, 259-264.

        • "Multi-Frame Scene-Flow Estimation Using a Patch Model and Smooth Motion Prior," Popham T, Bhalerao A, Wilson R, Proceedings of British Machine Vision Conference Workshop, Sept. 2010.

        • "A smooth 6DOF motion prior for efficient 3D surface tracking," Popham T, Wilson R, Bhalerao A, Proceedings of IEEE 3DTV Conference, June 2010.

        • "3D Reconstruction for Prosthetic Design," Mahmood NH, Tjahjadi T, Proceedings of 2010 Second International Conference on Computer Engineering and Applications (ICCEA) Bali Island, Indonesia, March 19-March 21, 2010, Vol. 1, 431-435.


          • " Enhanced Landmine Detection from Low Resolution IR Image Sequences," Wang T, Gu IYH, Tjahjadi T, Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Image and Patterns (CAIP09), Munster, Germany, Sept. 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 5702, 1236-1244.

          • " Selecting surface features for accurate multi-camera surface reconstruction," Popham T, Wilson R, Proceedings of British Machine Vision Conference, Sept. 2009.


          • "Similarity Invariant Delaunay Graph Matching," Shin D, Tjahjadi T, Joint IAPR International Workshop, SSPR & SPR 2008, December 2008, Orlando (USA), Proceedings: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 5342, 25-34, Springer 2008, ISBN 978-3-540-89688-3.


            • "Estimation of Image Magnification Using Phase Correlation", Joseph Raj AN, Staunton RC, IEEE - ICCIMA' 07 Int. Conf. Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications,> Sivakasi, India, Paper IVP2188, Dec. 2007, 490-494


            • "Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Based on Immune Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Clustering", Ma Li and R. C. Staunton, IEEE ICSP'06, 8th Int. Conf. on Signal Processing, Guilin, China, 2, Nov. 2006,957-961.
            • "Triangular Mesh Generation of Octrees of Non-Convex 3D Objects," Shin D, Tjahjadi T, The 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2006), Aug. 2006, Hong Kong, 950-953.

            • "Logical Entity Recognition in Multi-style Document Page Images," Mao S, Xu Z, Tjahjadi T, Thoma GR, The 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2006), Aug. 2006, Hong Kong, 876-879.

            • "3D Reconstruction from Multiple Views for Orthotic and Prosthetic Design: An Overview," Mahmood NH, Tjahjadi T, The 4th IEEE Student Conference on Research and Development, SCOReD 2006, Selangor, Malaysia, June, 2006, 70-75.