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Connections and joints for buildings and bridges of FRP

EPSRC Project EP/H042628-1: Connections and Joints for Buildings and Bridges of Fibre Reinforced Polymer 2010-2014

WP3 - Frame Joints: Pultruded beam-to-column jointsdsc_7242-1.jpg

The labelling description is in the format JOINT_NObolts_Cleat.


W indicates Web-cleated connection
mj indicates major-axis column
254 stands for 254 x 254 x 9.53 mm pultruded FRP sections
200 stands for 200 x 200 x 9.53 mm pultruded FRP sections


indicates No. of bolts per cleat leg
is for bolt size M16 in this case
Cleat indicates cleat material FC for FRP and ST for steel




Test Results and photos

Wmj254_3M16_FC Wmj254_2M16_FC Wmj254_3M16_ST Wmj254_2M16_ST Wmj200_2M16_FC Wmj200_2M16_ST


Wmj254_2M16_FC1.1 Wmj254_3M16_ST1.1 Wmj254_2M16_ST1.1 Wmj200_2M16_FC1.1 Wmj200_2M16_ST1.1
Wmj254_3M16_FC1.2 Wmj254_2M16_FC1.2 Wmj254_3M16_ST1.2 Wmj254_2M16_ST1.2 Wmj200_2M16_FC1.2 Wmj200_2M16_ST1.2
Wmj254_3M16_FC1.3 Wmj254_2M16_FC1.3 Wmj254_3M16_ST1.3 Wmj254_2M16_ST1.3 Wmj200_2M16_FC1.3 Wmj200_2M16_ST1.3
Wmj254_3M16_FC1.4       Wmj200_2M16_FC1.4  
Wmj254_3M16_FC1.5       Wmj200_2M16_FC1.3