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Case Study 14 - Rainwater Harvesting in Cambodia - small storage capacity jars and tanks

Case Study 14

Rainwater Jars in Cambodia
 Below are some pictures taken in Cambodia of RWH practices (Many thanks to Vince Whitehead and Liam Brown for the pictures and information in this Case Study)

A rainwater jar of approximately 400litre capacity used widely throughout the country. The jars are of  ferrocement, using single strand wire rather than chicken mesh.

The construction technique
The jars are manufactured using wooden blocks that fit together to form a mould. Clay is then placed inside the the wooden mould to give added strength. The mould is renedered to a thickness of between 1cm and 3 cms with the wire to give added strength. Lids are made from ferrocement also, using a circular mould. The woman wo makes these jars sells them for about $US 5 per piece. Transport is by motorcycle and trailer - see below.


Below we see a series of these jars that have been elevated to provide overhead storage at a roadside restaurant.


 Concrete jars cast in moulds are also commonplace in Cambodia

This rectangualr tank is made from rendered brick

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