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Loughborough University

Prof. P. Eames

He is currently Director of the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology with a research cohort of approximately 60 staff and PhD students. He has been undertaking research in the area of renewable energy systems, efficient use of energy in buildings and industrial processes, and sensible and latent heat storage for over 25 years with funding worth £7M awarded to support his research from research funders including EPSRC, EU, and TSB. He has published over 170 papers in conferences and journals.

His current research activities in the area of thermal energy storage includes a study funded by UKERC to assess the future role of thermal energy storage in the UK energy system and supervision of the work of two PhD students and two MSc students analysing the potential of sensible and latent thermal storage when used with air source heat pumps and CHP systems.

In the soon to commence Grand Challenge project IMAGES he will undertake research into the application of high temperature thermal storage to provide large grid scale storage. In recognition of his expertise he has provided advice to DECC and DCLG related to thermal energy storage and advanced insulation and been involved in Peer review for funding bodies in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Israel with PhD students examined in the UK, Spain, Sweden and Australia.

Dr. V. Haines

She heads the User Centred Design Research Group at the Loughborough Design School, Loughborough University. Her research focuses on understanding how consumers use energy, and how this user centred knowledge can be incorporated effectively into the design process.

She works closely with engineers and technologists to ensure that this understanding about people can be translated effectively to others in a form that is useful and usable. She is Co-Investigator on five current research projects: CALEBRE (£2.0m, RCUK/E.ON funded); CCC (£2.1m, RCUK/E.ON); DEFACTO (£1.6m, EPSRC); Thermal Energy Storage (£130k, UKERC); REDUCE (£1.3m, FP7).

She has authored 32 peer reviewed journal and conference papers, nearly 50 research reports and over 100 commercial reports over the course of her 26 year career at Loughborough. She is a member of the Midlands Energy Consortium Science Group and the Loughborough University Ethical Advisory Committee.