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WP2.2 Retail chilling and freezing

Prof. Maidment (London South Bank University)



If the results of WP2.1 suggest the need, it will be extended into a 2nd Wave project investigating more fundamental concepts of retail display and their applicability in the longer term.


To challenge the concept of the retail display cabinet, specifically from a fundamental aesthetic, ergonomic and energy use perspectives.

Objectives/ Deliverables

To deliver a new concept in RDC that has 1/10 of the existing energy consumption

Carbon Impact potential

12 million tonnes of carbon in energy alone

Pathway to impact
The investigation will work closely with end user Asda Stores Ltd, Sainsburys, The Coop and Bond Retail Display (manufacturer) and will consider form and ergonomics, user requirements, readiness, etc. Furthermore, much of thetechnology developed here will be generic to the other temperature work packages, and it will be disseminated through SIRACH.