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WP4.3 Process Heat Storage

Prof. Eames (Loughborough University)


Pinch technology allows process heat flow optimisation for steady state operation. Effective thermal energy storage at a range of temperatures between 0 and 200˚C allows a temporal element to be included in the optimisation. This enables heat flows to be optimised for batch processes and non-steady flow processes. Industrial waste heat if recovered and stored in a latent or thermochemical form with high energy density would be appropriate for transport to meet other heat demands, for example space heating in large buildings or complexes.


Identification of suitable industrial processes for heat recovery and storage applications that would be cost effective. Identifying optimum thermal storage approach, materials and system design performance parameters.


Characterisation of the potential for selected industrial processes in terms of energy reduction and CO2 savings. PoC thermal energy storage systems with operational temperatures of 120, 150 and 200˚C.

Other applications of fundamental technology

Medium temperature solar thermal systems for process heat.

Pathway to Impact

Via SIRACH and industrial links.