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School Research Seminars

These seminars are an opportunity to hear short/accessible talks on research undertaken in the School. All staff, research students, and final-year undergrads are welcome. There will be two speakers per 45min seminar.

Programme for Term 2 2019-20

The seminars are on Wednesday afternoons in LIB1. Time: 12:45-13.30 (lunch available from 12.30)

Wednesday 12th February

Dr Chris Stokes: 'Research Opportunities in the 2020s' Abstract

Dr Jose Ortiz-Gonzalez: 'Wide Bandgap Power Semiconductor Devices: You need to know how to drive them (and this is not Top Gear!)' Abstract

Wednesday 26th February

Dr Duncan Billson: '"All good things arrive unto them that wait"; Or a review of the spin-out company known as Warwick Acoustics' Abstract

Brendan Spillane (Business Development Manager - Warwick Ventures): 'Introduction to: intellectual property, starting a spinout company, and the new Deep Tech Innovation Centre'

Wednesday 11th March

Dr Volkan Degirmenci: 'Biomass conversion on porous materials' Abstract

Prof. Stephen Hicks: 'Resistance and ductility of headed stud shear connectors used in steel-concrete composite construction' Abstract

Archive seminars

Programme for Term 1 2019-20

Wednesday 13th November

Dr Hatef Sadeghi: 'Quantum and Phonon Interference Enhanced Molecular-Scale Thermoelectricity' Abstract

Dr Neophytos Neophytou: ‘Electronic and phononic transport computational methods, and how to use them at the nanoscale’ Abstract

Programme for Term 3 2018-19

Venue: Physics Lecture Theatre (PLT)

Time: Lunch in PLT foyer 12:15-12:45, talks 12:45-13:45 in PLT.

Wednesday 15th May

Dr Peter Brommer: 'Uncertainty quantification for force-matched classical potentials, or: How to judge predictions from approximate models' Abstract

Dr Gary Fowmes: 'Global challenges, geosynthetic solutions and counting carbon' Abstract

Wednesday 29th May

Prof. Colin Eddie: 'Sustainable Development and Use of Underground Space' Abstract

Prof. Layi Alatise: 'The War for the Future Electrical Grid (Tesla vs Edison). Part III' Abstract

Wednesday 6th June

Dr Mohaddeseh Mousavi Nezhad: 'Mixing models for turbulent flow in porous media' Abstract

Dr Soroush Abolfathi: 'Nearshore Pollution Transport Mechanisms due to the effects of Waves and Currents' Abstract

Wednesday 19th June

Dr Subhash Lakshminarayana: 'Data Integrity Attacks Against Critical Infrastructures: A Cyber-Physical Approach' Abstract

Dr Ken Mao: 'Lightweight Materials - Reinforced Polymer Gears' Abstract

Programme for Term 2 2018-19

The seminars are on Wednesday afternoons in LIB1. Time: 12:45-13.30 (lunch available from 12.30)

Wednesday 30th January

Dr Adam Noel: 'Biophysical Communication and Signal Processing' Abstract

Dr Joanna Collingwood: 'Measurement and modelling of metals in the brain' Abstract

Wednesday 13th February

Dr Yunfei Chen: 'Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Relaying' Abstract

Dr Petr Denissenko: 'Random walks in fluids and by fluids' Abstract

Wednesday 27th February

Dr Vishal Shah: 'Power Electronics: cooking up group IV semiconductor materials' Abstract

Dr Simon Leigh: '3D printing - more than just plastic trinkets' Abstract

Wednesday 6th March

Dr Reyes Garcia: 'Tests on concrete elements confined with external post-tensioned metal straps' Abstract

Dr Mark Leeson: 'Underwater optical wireless communications' Abstract

Programme for Term 1 2018-19

Wednesday 10th October

Dr Weisi Guo: 'Are We Stronger in an Increasingly Connected World?' (Abstract)

Prof. Jennifer Wen: 'Safety of Low Carbon Technology' (Abstract)

Wednesday 24th October

Dr Isaac Liu: 'Nanomechanical Characterization of Biological Cells' (Abstract)

Dr Neil Evans: ‘Inside the human locomotive: the measureable, the knowable and the unknowable’ (Abstract)
Wednesday 7th November

Dr Leandro Pecchia: 'Resilience of medical devices in low-resource settings: preliminary results from field studies in Benin' (Abstract)

Dr Merih Kucukler: 'Seeking stability in fire for stainless steel structures' (Abstract) 

Wednesday 21st November

Prof. Evgeny Rebrov: 'Fast temperature modulation of chemical reactors - The way to enhance process selectivity via kinetic resolution' (Abstract)

Dr Irwanda Laory: 'An introduction to structural health monitoring' (Abstract)

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