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Paper Accepted: Modeling Interference-Free Neuron Spikes with Optogenetic Stimulation

Our paper "Modeling Interference-Free Neuron Spikes with Optogenetic Stimulation" (link to arXiv version; here is the DOI) was accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications. This paper tries to predict the charging and recovery times of neurons that follow the Izhikevich model and that are stimulated with an external current (such as by a light source in the case of optogenetics). We measure the sensitivity of the charging and recovery times as functions of the stimulation current and the Izhikevich model parameters. We also measure the distortion when we try to generate sequences of action potential spikes at frequencies that are too high for a neuron membrane to return to its resting potential before it is stimulated again. The paper was co-authored with Shayan Monabbati (Case Western, USA), Dimitrios Makrakis (uOttawa, Canada), and Andrew W. Eckford (York, Canada). An early version was presented at IEEE ICC 2018 under the title "Timing Control of Single Neuron Spikes with Optogenetic Stimulation".

Wed 22 Apr 2020, 22:09 | Tags: journal, optogenetics