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Previous Research Projects


Targeted Project -Priority 3 (Under development) -

'A Novel 3D Location System of High Accuracy'

Investigating radio wave, optical wave, and ultrasound wave technology in order to produce an innovative non-contact location system, accurate to within 1 part in a million. Potential applications will include revolutionary designs for industrial Coordinate Measuring Machines. Other high-accuracy, non-contact 3-D location applications will be investigated.

Current partnership -

5 European partners:

University of Warwick (UK),

LK Group (UK) Ltd,

University of Rome 3 (Italy),

National University of Ireland – Cork (Ire)

Institute of Photonics & Nanotechnology (Italy),

2 Subcontracted Partners:

Southampton Institute (UK),

University of Limerick (Ire)

Initial submission March 2003 (FW6 Call 1 NMP) – Met all requirements, but not supported due to Call 1 being over-budget. Other funding sought, pending further calls for FW6

Total Project cost - 4 MEuro

Dept of Trade and Industry

SMART Award (£320,000) -

Developing photogrammetry technology for non-contact measurement of manufactured tube - in collaboration with The Optical Metrology Centre. Highly commended finalists in 'Metrology for World Class Manufacturing Awards 2000'.

Scanning Gantry using High-Resolution Stereo Cameras


Calibrated Coded Targets provide 3D Coordinate Data

Patent Registered September 2000


Measurement & Testing (3.96 MEuro) -

Lead Co-ordinator in a proposal for the development of Global Positioning System technology to be used in a Coordinate Measurement Machine - in collaboration with 5 European partners (UK, Italy, Ireland), and 2 Associated EU partners (Lithuania).

Did not met all Call requirements, but formed the basis for the EU FRAMEWORK VI consortium shown above.