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Meeting Minutes 01/11/11

Dr Chung recommended that the 1D group prepares a short document explaining the 1D excel model and graphs.

Charlie recommended that the 3D group look at the files.warwick 1D excel file so that they can access and check the Reynolds numbers created for each generation.

Dr Chung scheduled a group meeting at 12 pm on Tuesday the 8th of November for the two groups to present their findings to date.

The 1D team continued entering the equations into matlab, making notes as they went on assumptions made

The 3D team mentioned that they have split up into three areas of investigation: Grid independence at each generation (Adrian), Velocity inlet modelling (Dominic), Particle Modelling (Laura).

Tom mentioned that he saw the project heading towards a simulink model that would simulate the parameters currently being entered into Matlab over time.

Dr. Chung said that this was one of the ultimate aims of the project.

Dr. Chung told us that the Reynolds numbers at each generation will tell us at what point the 1D model agrees with the 3D simulation of simple pipe flow, as the Reynolds number will get smaller at higher generations, having less of an effect.