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Meeting Minutes

It was suggested that we need to keep track of our references for literature reviewing.

Laura suggested adding tags to the blog, for example a tag for 'physiological data' to make it easier to find references on that subject.

Dr Chung suggested that the 1D group started looking up physiological data in order to make an excel spreadsheet representing a simplified model of lung airways.

Once this data has been generated by the 1D model, data such as reynolds number at various generations can be used to set up the CFD analysis.

Dr Chung suggested that 3D team start work on simplified models within the CFD software so that they can establish grid independance

Adrian said that he managed to get the CT scan into STAR-CCM+

In terms of project direction Dr. Chung mentioned a few milestones: Creating a very simplified 1D model initially in Excel, looking at flexibile walls in the CFD software, un-steady simulation in the CFD software, visualisation of the entire model