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Meeting Minutes 02/03/12

General Conversation:

Dr Chung: do you have a poster presentation in week 10?

 No, we don’t have to present the poster, just produce one

Charlie: can we show you a draft of our poster and draft report?

 Dr Chung: yes

Adrian: If we compile out reports towards the end of week 9 then we should have a draft to give to him around Monday


3D Team

Dr Chung: try simulations in F215. Mark is happy to let students run simulations overnight.

Dominic and Laura are running unsteady, so Adrian can choose steady or unsteady.

Dr chung: look at the complete airways. Running simulations for the complete geometry is more expensive, so we can prove whether it is worth it to run simulations for the whole geometry.

Have a quick simulation to see whether you have similar mass flow rate across the models.

Laura: The new geometry is higher quality. Laura should share this new geometry with the rest of the team.



Charlie: Is it a Good idea to move on from error checking now

Dr Chung: yes

Dr Chung: If you re-rotate it, would that work?

Dr Chung: Describe the bug in the report

Have encountered a new problem with combining my geometry with adrians

 Dr Chung: just label the end point generation of the stl file and match them

 Charlie: yes this wouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Dhillon: Have done a rough draft of a new poster

Charlie: You got my elastance equation?

 Dhillon: I will look into this