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09/02/12 Pre-Meeting

3D Presentation slides


Have to change his slides as they have the Solidworks model

Now he has the actual model

He also has a good graph to include


Thinks that the problem of his grid independence test not settling is because of the way he is plotting it


Can contribute more pictures

1D Presentation Slides


Will produce some slides for the graphs of the 1D model

General 1D chat

We need to ask Dr. Chung about the change of diameter

Do we have 1 inlet, two outlets? (gives change in diameter over generation), or 1 inlet, 1 inlet?

Also need to ask him about the angle change

I.e. the overall angle gives the change in momentum

Which gives friction?

Initial angle gives the flow rate

But this is a very small area to work with (i.e. 3 points)

I.e. not many points to generate a vector from.