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Meeting Minutes

All Present…Dhillon was LATE!!!



Adrian was asked to discuss his 3rd year project.


Model of the Lung as a pipe network in 3 generations Weibul Model Using Pipes, Frictionless pipe. Measured various comparisons. Altered the rotation angle and ploted various graphs and angles.


Simplified model – Geometry will be allot more complicated.


Weibul – measured the lung network


Discussed how Adrians previous project could be integrated into what we have to do this year.


Also recommended using skin friction equations.



The Report


Dhillon raised queries as to how long the project report would be.

Adrian advised we should look to contribute 6k words each.



Web Site


Tom gave run through of the site and how to use the reference and Blog pages



Clarified the top end of the model ie. The mouth


Yongman mentioned it but we discussed the implications of this on the project


Also discussed setting pressure boundary conditions


Charlie said you can also model a moving trachea (May be too much for us)



Good Place To Start





Discussed Roles


Charlie – Yongmann, has recommended every to start out with CCM



Health Implications


Cant give any indication as to generations.


Tom mentioned we have contacts within the medical school that are willing to discuss the business implications of this research


Also mentioned what the benefits of such a system would be

Show progression during medication

Charlie mentioned how they could use the system to define dosage



Adrian is going to ask for a copy from last year