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Project Outline

Project Proposal

The Suggested objective is to investigate the potential uses in modern controlled ventilation systems for smoke control in a fire. The project will be concentrating on the application of such a system in a modern office block environment. This can be decided as either a cellular office or modern open plan.


The Smoke produced by fire within a building has several associated hazards-

  • Impairment of escapes, resulting in increased risk of injury or death
  • Health damage due to Inhalation
  • Property damage

It also provides an hinderance to the emergency services response to the fire.

Aims of a Smoke Control System

A smoke control system should help to limit the spread of smoke througout a building and try and ensure the optimum conditions for escape and fire fighting. This is a achieved by generating a seperate high level of smoke and a lower layer of clear breathable air

Current Technologies

Currently there exist dedicated smoke control and smoke extraction systems for a number of commercial applications, Cole appears to be the provider

  • Smoke Ventialtors- Dedicated Vents and systems to move and extract smoke, creating a controlled flow
  • Smoke Blankets- obstructions that drop from the ceiling to a specified height confining high level smoke from spreading over the entire ceiling area. These help to keep hot concentrated smoke which is more bouyant than the clear air level below.

Potential Technologies

Intelligent control of existing mechanical plant, using a combination of zoned fire detection and ventilation. The existing plant will switch configuration on the dection of fire to stop smoke spreading via the ventilation system, and help keep the smoke contained and controlled in the detected area.

Smoke control systems developed for natural ventilation systems, similar control elements but also designed in powered systems in necessary

Interesting links

Guidelines for services in regards to fire (appears standard to cut out ventilation in case of fire)
Paper regarding conflicts between naturalventilation systems and fire control regulations (potential for Fire/Smoke control for natural and low power ventilation systems?)
ARUPS fire modelling department (Need to fins some sources regarding smoke deaths and property damage)
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