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Work In Progress

Main Report

Introduction - First Draft

1D Numerical 28/02/11

3D Modelling Report 28/02/11

Introduction Aims and Objectives 28/02/11

Alteration of 3D geometry 22/03/11

Draft Report 21/03/11

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(Word Document)Executive Summary (current)

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(Word Document)Main Report (current)

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(Word Document)Technical Report (current)

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(Word Document)Business Report (current)

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(Word Document)Appendices (current)

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(Powerpoint Presentation)Presentation Slides (current)

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(Powerpoint Presentation)Final Version of Presentation

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ALT: Technical Draft Report 07/04/11

ALT: Presentation Draft 07/04/11

ALT: Additional notes for Project Presentation 07/04/11


Business Strategy - Draft

Business Strategy Version 1.0

Business Strategy Compiled 28/02/11

Business Strategy Compiled 01/03/11

Business Strategy Compiled 07/03/11

Business Strategy Compiled 22/03/11

Medical Imaging Techniques 22/03/11

Business Report Glossary 22/03/11


Budget Management Example

Literature Review Draft

edited 1d



Sim File for Feb_56_expiB35f - Set up, no mesh, no solution


Spread Sheet to show Dr Chung when I am not around 14/03/11