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ES442 - Precision Engineering and Microsystems

(15 Credits)


To provide a rigorous understanding of first-principles design applied at the limits of practical performance and to introduce ideas and methodologies for miniaturization that are essential to modern technology, e.g. in the large UK instrumentation sector. Additionally, to provide insights into the science and practice of metrology.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Criticize constructively designs for (electro-) mechanical systems, making judgments on their effectiveness.
  • Produce and defend conceptual design solutions for applications that make unusually high demands for mechanical stability, precise motion control, etc. or that benefit from high degrees of miniaturization.
  • Appreciate the range and principles of special manufacturing methods needed for high-precision systems and micro-devices and make informed choices of candidate processes for specific tasks.


  • Introduction: the need for miniaturization; scaling effects; the interactions of Precision Engineering, Micro-mechanics and Nanotechnology
  • Micro-Systems Technology: examples of design and fabrication approaches for micro-mechatronic systems.
  • Micromechanical Manufacture: limits of capability of conventional mechanical manufacturing; concepts and performance of non-conventional methods such as diamond turning, ductile mode grinding, photo-lithography, LIGA, ion-beam processes, laser ablation.
  • Principles of Precision Mechanism Design: loop analysis, alignment principles, kinematics of constaint, mechanism mobility, psuedo-kinematic design, symmetry, nulling and compensation strategies.
  • Design of Precision Instruments: semi-kinematic slideways and bearings, flexure mechanisms, sensors, actuators and drives, generalized levers, materials selection, vibration isolation.
  • Sub-micrometre Metrology: Optical interferometry, grating technologies, surface metrology instruments, length comparators and their sensors, scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopes.

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