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Warwick Biomedical Engineering Outreach


Warwick Biomedical Engineering Outreach is a team of multi-disciplined undergraduate engineering students promoting STEM subjects with emphasis on biomedical engineering.

Welcome To Warwick Biomedical Engineering Outreach

Warwick Biomedical Engineering Outreach, launched in October 2014, is comprised of a group of five 4th year Masters Engineering students of multiple disciplines comprise the group supervised by Professor Christopher James. Our aim is to develop an outreach scheme to capture the interest of students at Key Stage 3 level in biomedical engineering. We want to create and adapt new technology that students can engage and interact with whilst also educating them with close alignment to the national curriculum.

We intend to develop our programme so it can be adapted to accomodate various forms of outreach. This will be achieved by creating several demonstration packages which can be presented to schools in the local area, or in small workshop groups. We will also tailor our technology to be demonstrated at fairs where we reach a much wider audience compared to our school visits.

We aim for our sessions to link closely with and compliment the national curriculum for STEM subjects. Our outreach sessions will be created with a legacy plan for schools to continue students' interest in our subjects. Our vision is to create a platform for Biomedical Engineering Outreach to be expanded in the future by creating a sustainable system with huge potential.

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