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Biomedical Engineering in a Box

WarwickBMEO box

A prototype kit is being developed to be used in the classroom similar to those produced by Dyson, Smallpiece Trust and Technology Will Save Us.

The kit will contain biomedical engineering activities, using the Makey Makey for example, and apply it to the KS3 syllabus. The kit will include lesson plans, worksheets, presentations and risk assessment.

We hope to produce a kit suited to parts of the curriculum that are most hard to teach or most difficult to understand for the children.

Please email us if you are interested in having a prototype kit in your school.


Why not try our Scratch game "Immune attack!"?

This classroom kit has been supported by the Giving to Warwick Opportunity Fund which is funded by generous donations from Warwick alumni and friends.

We would also like to thank:

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makey makey