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We have developed a multi-faceted outreach strategy that is able to adapt to a variety of different outreach event types including exhibitions/fairs, schools and conferences.


Presenting our work at events improves our reputation and promotes the idea of biomedical engineering to children. Events such as Imagineering and TeenTech London allow us to do this as well as represent the university.


We have devised lessons that extract the maximum engagement from students by emphasising three stages:

1. Idea Development: An introduction to the ideas of how our bodies can interact with technology to engage and capture the interest of the students.
2. Immersion: Students get a fun and hands on experience using our inventions allowing them to understand the ideas behind them.
3. Challenge: Students are challenged with questions of varying difficulty to gauge understanding and think of ideas which can be explored in the future.

This allow us to ensure the development of our program while educating and captivating their interests using our innovations that will be brought to all Outreach events:

Mind Controlled Scalextric Set: Two headsets will be used to encourage friendly competition between children in a race.
Invisible Drum Kit: Children will wear the watch and ‘play’ the invisible drum kit, purely through the use of hand movements with no visible kit in front of them.
Virtual Physiotherapist: The leap motion will run a game, with high scores, that will require the accurate copying of hand gestures in a manner that is similar to its potential application purposes.

Outreach Events

TeenTech London
Warwick Technology Conference
Etone College

Westwood Academy

Bishop Ullethorne
International Womens Day, House of Commons (MP event)
IMechE Regional dinner
The Big Bang Fair

British Computing Society (BCS) Show & Tell

Imagineering Fair

Royal Institute Masterclass

Warwick Hack

Warwick Engineering Society Technology Conference

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Outreach Calendar

Monday 15 Jan - Sunday 11 Feb 2018

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