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Experimental Developments for Porous Media Characterization: Advanced experimental techniques, including: FIB-SEM, micro-CT, optical and fluorescence, phase contrast, NMR, MRI, and etc.

Fundamental Porous Media Theories and Computational Methods: Mathematics of porous media, upscaling and multiscale methods, uncertainty quantification techniques, numerical methods for porous media, mathematical modelling of multi-physics complex phenomena, coupled thermal-hydrological-mechanical-chemical processes, dual porosity and DFN methods, LBM, CFD, and etc.

Technological applications: Ceramics and functional materials, fiber reinforced (nano-)composites, fuel cells and batteries, foams, filters, and membranes, particle technology and food processing, groundwater, reservoir engineering, CO2 sequestration, environmental, chemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, and etc.