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Arrivals Checklist

Pre-arrival essentials

Please ensure you have done the following:

1) Enrolled on the courseLink opens in a new window!

2) Arranged to meet with your supervisor and your student mentor (check out the Induction timetable to work out when the best time will be). You should already have details of your supervisor and mentor. If you need help, please email

3) Read and Agree to the EPSRC Terms and Conditions

4) Uploaded your bank details to receive your stipend

It is essential we have your UK bank details. If you haven't already provided these, please follow the instructions below:

1) Login to opens in a new window

2) From the Student Finance page select "Providing your bank details" tab on the left hand side
3) Click "Collecting bank details for payments to students" screen
4) Select "PG Payments (payments for all PC students except PGCE) and continue
5) Enter your bank sort-code and account number
NB: Once bank details are uploaded you cannot change them without first contacting Student Finance to delete your current information. PLease email if you need to amend your bank details.

Other things to do before you arrive:

Post-arrival essentials

  • Once you have arrived, you can collect your Warwick ID Card. Information on how to do this can be found here

  • Read information on computing, including the Laptop Terms and Conditions on the HetSys Computing Webpage. Your HetSys Laptop will be available for collection on Monday 26th September.

  • Attend the events scheduled as part of the HetSys Induction Week. The Induction Sessions are mandatory, even if you are a previous Warwick student. The full Induction Week schedule will be published during the summer.

  • Look at the Health and Safety page which includes information on setting up your workstation, fire safety and general guidance