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Philip Herbert

About Me:

I am a first year PhD student under the supervision of Professor Charlie Elliott and Björn Stinner. My office is B3.04 and if you wish to contact me, my email is P<dot>J<dot>Herbert<at>warwick<dot>ac<dot>uk. My interests lie in the area of PDE and their applications, especially in biological applications alongside the respective numerical analysis, another topic which interests me is non-uniqueness of solutions and how they may be interpreted.

I graduated in 2016 from Warwick with an MMath, I did my project under the supervision of Professor James Robinson discussing the stationary Navier-Stokes equations.

For my MASDOC MSc project I studied the shape of biomembranes with embedded proteins using a linearisation Cahnam-Helfrich energy for both the sphere and in the case of a plane, extending the work of A Variational Approach to Particles in Lipid Membranes using the tools of Small deformations of Helfrich energy minimising surfaces with applications to biomembranes.


2015/16: Supervisions for first year maths students

2016/17: Supervisions for first year non-maths students

2017/18: Term 1: Supervisions for second year maths students, TA for MA250 Introduction to PDE

Talks Given:

June 2017: Mathematics of Batteries, at the MASDOC retreat, with Letizia Angeli and Quirin Vogel

October 2017: Particles in Biomembranes, at the Warwick Post Graduate Seminar

December 2017: Particles in Biomembranes, at WIMP Autumn meeting (Warwick)

Non Academic Activities

I am the Secretary (2017/2018) for the MASDOC SSLC which involves taking minutes and organising the meetings.

I enjoy physical activities especially cycling, but also enjoy computer games of many genres.