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Research Group

Current Post-Docs / Fellows

Omar El Deeb: (2023-) Modelling for vaccine control and cost-effectiveness.

Laura Guzman-Rincon: (2021-) Sophisticated statistical models of infection, especially COVID-19

Alison Hale: (2024-) Software Engineer.

Current PhD students

Swetha Usha Lal (2020-) Statistical aspects of fitting to epidemic data

Abi Copeland (2020-) Models of the spatial spread of Varroa in UK honey bees

Yiping Zhang (2020-) Immunological models of infection, re-infection and vaccination.

Phoebe Asplin (2022-) Symptom propagation

Thomas Wolfgarten (2022-) Measuring and incorporating human behaviour into epidemic models.

Elliot Vincent (2023-) The spread of trichomoniasis in the UK finch population

Luke Murray Kearney (2023-) Methods of generating contact networks from diary data.

Past Post-Docs

Trystan Leng (2021-2022) Models of COVID-19 within schools

Sam Moore (2020-2022) Vaccination against COVID-19. (Lecturer, University of Lancaster)

Joe Hilton (2018-2021) Models of infection in Kenya (University of Liverpool)

Massimo Carvallaro (2016-2023) Health Data Research for the Midlands Project. (Leicester)

Ed Hill : (2016-2020 ) Health economic predictions for vaccination. (Warwick Zeeman Lecturer)

Jolene Atia : (2015-2018) Mathematical Models of Footrot infection in sheep (NHS Trust)

Kat Rock : (2014-2017) Predictions of Human African Trypanosomiasis (Assistant Professor, University of Warwick)

Sam Brand : (2013-2022) Spatial and Network models of livestock disease spread (CDC).

Penny Hancock : (2010-2012) Predicting spread and sources of infection from complex human movement patterns (Oxford Big Data Institute).

Samik Datta : (2009-2016) Models of Bee Diseases & Health-Economics for Dept of Health (Fisheries Modeller, NWIA, New Zealand)

Jayanthi Santhanam : (2009-2010) Models of livestock diseases in the USA (Post-Doc in Nick Savill's Lab, Edinburgh)

Leon Danon : (2008-2011) Understanding contact networks and models of pandemics (Senior Lecturer in Data Analytics, University of Exeter)

Thomas House : (2008-2014) Household structure and its impacts on disease dynamics and intervention strategies. (Reader, University of Manchester)

Amandine Lurette : (2008-2009) Network models of Salmonella control in the pig industry. (Lecturer, Montpellier)

Matthew Vernon : (2006-2012) Animal movements and the spread of infectious diseases of farm animals (Principal Systems Administrator at Sanger Centre)

Joshua Ross : (2005-2006) Markovian models in ecology and epidemiology (Professor, University of Adelaide)

Steve Webb : (2005-2009) Evolution in spatial networks, pair-wise approximation models (Lectureship, Liverpool)

Jane Heffernan : (2005-2006) Immunological models of infectious diseases, waning immunity. (Professor, Dept. Mathematics, York Uni., Toronto)

Mike Tildesley : (2002-2009) Spatial simulations of infectious diseases, particularly foot-and-mouth disease (Associate Prof, Warwick University)

Jonathan Read : (2000-2008) Contact networks and disease evolution (Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University)

Ken Eames : (2000-2007) Contact networks for sexually transmitted infections (NIH personal fellowship, Lecturer at LSHTM, now left academia)

Past Phd Students

Ken Eames (2000-2003): Contact networks for sexually transmitted infections (NIH personal fellowship)

Jim MacDonald (2002-2006): Seasonal birth pulses in wildlife diseases. (Associate Analyst Programmer for Tessella)

Ellen Brooks Pollock (2004-2008): Cattle movement database and the modelling of bovine TB. (Post-Doc at Harvard School of Public Health)

Elizabeth Widman (2008-2012): Competition and Species Composition on Coral Reefs (Data Scientist, Doximity San Francisco, CA.).

Sam Brand (2009-2012): Spatial models of disease spread and invasion (PDRA at Warwick)

Matt Graham (2010-2014): Network Structure and Epidemic Spread (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)

Kat Rock (2010-2013): Models of vector-borne diseases (Assistant Professor, University of Warwick)

Mike Irvine (2011-2015): Dynamics and spatial patterns of sea-grass (PDRA, Uni of British Columbia)

Peter Dawson (2012-2016): Movement networks and the spread of foot-and-mouth disease (Analyst at Government Operational Research Service)

Katherine Broadfoot (2015-with drew) Models of measles and influenza transmission

Joe Hilton (2015-2019) Dynamics of household infection with demography

Emma Davis (2015-2018) Models of vector-borne diseases

Chris Davis (2016-2020) Stochastic models of Sleeping Sickness

Cameron Lack (2016-2021) Models of within-host infection dynamics

Sophie Meakin (2016-2020) Spatial models of infection and the development of spatial correlations

Trystan Leng (2017-2021) Network models for the spread of sexually transmitted infections

Ben Millar (2018-2022) Age-structured models of sleeping sickness

Connor White (2019-2022) Dynamics of multiple strain infections and human immunity.

Suzie Cant (2018-2023) Multiple strain models of malaria

David Helekal (2020-2023) Statistical aspect of phylogenetics.