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Research Group

Current Post-Docs and Students

Samik Datta : Models of Bee Diseases.

Penny Hancock: Predicting spread and sources of infection from complex human movement patterns.

Matthew Vernon : Animal movements and the spread of infectious diseases of farm animals


Past Post-Docs

Leon Danon : Understanding contact networks and models of pandemics (Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow, University of Warwick)

Ken Eames : Contact networks for sexually transmitted infections (NIH personal fellowship)

Jane Heffernan : Immunological models of infectious diseases, waning immunity. (Lectureship, Dept. Mathematics, York Uni., Toronto)

Thomas House : Household structure and its impacts on disease dynamics and intervention strategies. (EPSRC Fellow, University of Warwick)

Amandine Lurette: Network models of Salmonella control in the pig industry. (Lectureship, Montpellier)

Jonathan Read : Contact networks and disease evolution (Lectureship, Vet School, U. Liverpool)

Joshua Ross : Markovian models in ecology and epidemiology (Lecturer, University of Adelaide)

Jayanthi Santhanam : Models of livestock diseases in the USA (Post-Doc in Nick Savill's Lab, Edinburgh)

Mike Tildesley : Spatial simulations of infectious diseases, particularly foot-and-mouth disease (Zeeman fellow, Warwick University)

Steve Webb: Evolution in spatial networks, pair-wise approximation models (Lectureship, Dept. Maths, Uni. Strathclyde)

Past Phd Students

Ken Eames (2000-2003): Contact networks for sexually transmitted infections (NIH personal fellowship)

Jim MacDonald (2002-2006): Seasonal birth pulses in wildlife diseases. (Associate Analyst Programmer for Tessella)

Ellen Brooks Pollock (2004-2008): Cattle movement database and the modelling of bovine TB. (Post-Doc at Harvard School of Public Health)



Bryan Grenfell (Penn State): Foot-and-Mouth disease, Measles

Chris Gilligan (Cambridge): Spatial models.

Gary Smith (U. Penn): Foot-and-Mouth disease, Avian Flu.

Mike Boots (sheffield): Evolution of Diseases

Mark Woolhouse (Edinburgh): Foot-and-mouth disease

Neil Ferguson (Imperial): Pandemic Control

Nick Savill (Edinburgh): H5N1 in poultry and Foot-and-Mouth

Pej Rohani (Georgia): Measles, Childhood Diseases

Rob Deardon (Guelph): Parameter estimation (FMD)

Steve Leach (HPA): Pandemic Control