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Nuno Arala Santos

I am a first-year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Simon Myerson and Dr. Sam Chow.

E-mail address: Nuno.Arala-Santos(at)


I obtained my Bachelor's degree from the University of Porto in 2018. I then did my Master's at the University of Bonn, which I finished in 2020. I wrote my Master's Thesis under the supervision of Prof. Valentin Blomer on an analytic approach, based on a variant of the Hardy-Littlewood circle method, to the computation of Representation Numbers of Quadratic Forms. (For more details see below, under "Writing".)

For more information on my background see my CV.


My main interests lie in Number Theory. Most of my current work is in Diophantine Analysis using methods from Analytic Number Theory, but I enjoy learning and playing with more algebraically flavoured things as well.


Below are some math-related texts I wrote over the years, for various purposes. Several of them are written in Portuguese. I intend to translate some of those to English at some point in the future.