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Mathematical modelling of behaviour to inform policy for societal challenges

Real-world systems are sensitive to human behaviour. Yet, we face general challenges in quantifying the impact of changes in human behaviour on system outcomes, due to a lack of readily translatable quantitative models that might predict the evolving adoption of these behaviours across individuals and/or populations, particularly in new social contexts.

Through this workshop, we would like to connect mathematicians/modellers/data-scientists/social scientists with a collective interest in improving behavioural realism in mathematical models. We will have involvement from Warwick experts across Mathematics, Statistics, Life Sciences and Warwick Business School Psychology, alongside external experts from academia, industry and policy-facing roles.

This event is being run with the support from MIR@W (Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick) and the JUNIPER partnership.

Organisers: Ed HillLink opens in a new window (Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick); Martine BaronsLink opens in a new window (Department of Statistics, University of Warwick); Stephen Parnell Link opens in a new window(School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick); Kirsty BoltonLink opens in a new window (School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham); Emily NixonLink opens in a new window (Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool).

Date and place: Monday 10 June 2024, B3.02 10:00-18:00

Speakers: Details on confirmed speakers will be published here when available.

Timetable: Details of the timetable will be published here soon.