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Michelle Yao

Research Title:

Developing comprehensive Emergency Ambulatory Services (EAS) in Sub-Saharan Africa: Assessment of needs and estimation of expected health and economic outcomes in Ghana

About my research:

This research seeks to produce coherent, evidence-based information on the value, opportunities and barriers to developing modern Emergency Ambulatory Services (EAS) infrastructure in Ghana. It will explore the needs and expected benefits of such services and inform policy through recommendations on ways to maximise returns (e.g. avoided maternal mortality, reduced inequality, enhanced productivity) from a given budget.

Shedding light on this area will urge developing healthcare systems to acknowledge, consider and account for the findings of this research. This research will also provide literature that could be revolutionary in the development of EAS in other sub-Saharan African countries.

Supervisors: Dr Lazaros Andronis, Professor Olalekan Uthman