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Dr Olalekan Uthman



Associate Professor


WMS - Population Evidence and Technologies
University of Warwick
Tel: 024 76573163

Research Interests


  • Evidence synthesis with special interest in network meta-analysis and Bayesian generalised evidence synthesis;
  • Developing and applying multilevel methods for investigating the relationship between macro socioeconomic environments and individual health;
  • Using natural experiments to evaluate population health interventions; and
  • Analytical design issues with translating evidence into practice, implementation research science and evaluating health service effectiveness.

Subject-specifics (in low- and middle-income countries):

  • Adherence to long therapies , especially among people living with HIV and other non-communicable diseases; and
  • Noncommunicable diseases (especially cardiovascular epidemiology) and interaction with infectious diseases (especially HIV/AIDS)


Olalekan Uthman MBBS, MPH & PhD research interests focus on evidence-based medicine and social determinants of population health. I have a strong interest in large-scale evidence (in particular randomized trials and meta-analyses) and analyses of large survey data sets. Ola has worked across a wide range of health technology assessments with a focus on HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. He is an experienced Cochrane author and Cochrane Infectious Disease Group Editor. His research area aims to conduct high quality systematic reviews, and to investigate aspects of clinical trial and systematic review methodology. Ola is a member of the Adherence Trialists Collaboration.

He is proficient in mathematical modelling of infectious disease and focuses on the use of mathematical models to understand the epidemiology and control of infections of humans. He has published several papers on multilevel and geographical analyses to examine the role of geographic, community and societal contexts in explaining variations in health. My investigations encompass the macro-level determinants of population health (e.g. income inequality), to the meso-level (neighborhood contextual influences), down to the individual-level.

He recently received the FAS Marie Curie International Postdoc Fellowship to pursue research on the social and contextual determinants of HIV/AIDS, with a special emphasis on cardiovascular risk factors among HIV infected individuals.

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