Having just started as PUP clinical supervisor, I'm going to jump in here first and use the new forum as a chance to thank everybody for the warm welcome you're giving me as I’m gradually getting round to meeting the teams. I’m enjoying hearing about your work already and very much looking forward to building up an understanding and overview of PUP work across all the sites. This forum seems a helpful way to share thinking from a practice point of view. Having got over my initial dread of the whole idea of 'doing a blog', I already have visions of using this space to share conversations that start in one site but seem important for all of us, to discuss themes and check things out with all of you. Picking up on an idea from one of the teams about the value of being able to share resources across sites, this space would be an great way to do that. It's easy to add attachments to messages as you post them here and could be a great way of sharing the tools and resources that different teams are finding helpful. PUP definitely lends itself to making the most of a practitioner's own skills and experience and I can see already that there's a rich variety of experience across the country. If this forum does prove a useful way of sharing resources, Warwick can help to create library of everything you add as a group - and divide this up to follow the PUP modules as a quick go-to resource centre across the whole programme. Nothing like thinking big from the start.. Very much looking forward to meeting those of you I haven't yet got to, on the 10 Sept Development Day if not sooner, Jenny