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Honorary Associations with WMS - NHS Trust Signatories

Frequently Asked Questions for NHS Signatories (for Clinical Honorary Associations only)

Why am I being asked to sign?

An employee of your NHS organisation has requested an Honorary Association with Warwick Medical School. They have agreed to contribute in some way to the educational or research activities of WMS. Under Follett Recommendations, we are seeking to work jointly with you to ensure good communication and would appreciate your assurance that you support your employee’s request.

Why does this affect appraisals?

Individuals who are contributing to both NHS and University academic life are working across organisations and are often very busy. It is important to ensure that both organisations are aware of the total demands upon the individual and this is normally achieved by means of a joint appraisal, particularly at the level of Associate Clinical Professor, in accordance with Follett Principles.

Will WMS accept an email instead of a signature?

We are happy to accept electronic communication including email. We are aiming to set up an online signature system but this is not yet available.

I do not agree to the individual taking on an Honorary Association.

Please inform the individual and WMS that you do not support the application.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions, please send them to Samita Bawa, HR Officer (