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WMS Honorary Associations

WMS engages with a variety of individuals from outside the University who contribute to the richness of our academic environment in terms of teaching, research collaboration, student supervision and other scholarly activities.

These arrangements are often recognised through an Honorary Association.

To be considered for an Honorary Association:

  1. Identify an Academic employee of WMS who can support your nomination; refer to the Key individuals in Warwick Medical School who can propose Honorary Associates document for guidance.
  2. Discuss and agree with your proposer the benefits of an Honorary Association for you and the School.
  3. If you currently work in an NHS clinical role, please contact your clinical line manager or Clinical Director to discuss your application. You will be asked to name this person on your nominee form. During the application process, the Medical School will contact him or her to seek confirmation of support. He or she will then brief the Medical Director of your Trust. Formal sign-off by the Medical Director is needed in accordance with Follett report recommendations.
  4. Apply by completing and submitting the “WMS Nominee Form”.
  5. WMS Honorary Associations - Frequently Asked Questions for:

Applications are considered on an ongoing basis through an internal review process and if approved, will be normally valid for an initial period of up to three years. Your proposer is involved in the internal review process.

Renewal applications should use the same form. Please be advised that your proposer and other relevant colleagues leading on teaching or research may be involved in assessing your renewal application, in light of your contributions over the period of your honorary title.

Details of the criteria and types of honorary associations can be found in the Honorary Associations criteria document. This link also explains and provides further information about the separate applications process for Honorary Professorships.


For further information or queries on applying for an Honorary Association, please contact Samita Bawa, HR Officer