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Manus Conaghan

Seminar Synopsis

Dignity and Respect at Warwick

We’re all incredibly busy and have the daily stresses of work and deadlines to contend with, as well as stresses in our personal lives. These pressures among others can sometimes cause us to forget that we're not just dealing with deadlines, but with people. Within all of this pressure, how do we ensure that everyone is treated in a way that respects their dignity? What do we even mean by dignity? How is it relevant to what we do here?


Manus joined the Centre for Academic Development at Warwick in 2006 having spent more than a decade teaching Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics at the Liverpool Business School. Having taken a career break in 2016, Manus returned to the institution to work on strategic projects for Organisational Development (now Leadership and Management Development) involving Equality Diversity and Social Inclusion. Manus is keen to explore ways in which we can engage people who would not normally see ED&I as relevant to them.


Date TBC