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Professor Ashok Venkitaraman

Professor Ashok Venkitaraman

Professor Ashok Venkitaraman (University of Cambridge)

16 July 2015


Medical Teaching Centre Lecture Theatre

Professor Sudhesh Kumar, Dean of Warwick Medical School, is delighted to welcome Professor Ashok Venkitaraman to give a Dean's Distinuguished Lecture.

Early intervention in cancer through the tumour suppressive mechanisms that control genome stability

The stability of the human genome is maintained by complex mechanisms that control its duplication, repair and segregation. These mechanisms normally act in concert to suppress somatic mutation and carcinogenesis, but are frequently inactivated during early steps in the emergence of cancer.

We have used inherited predisposition to early-onset breast and other cancers provoked by inactivation of the BRCA2 gene as a powerful model to explore these issues. Professor Ventikaraman will discuss recent insights emerging from our lab’s work concerning the cellular and molecular organization of the tumour suppressive mechanisms that maintain genome stability, their inactivation during carcinogenesis, and new approaches that offer the potential for early clinical intervention in cancer through improvements in risk stratification, diagnosis and therapy.