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Quo Vadis- Anatomy? The Adventures of a travelling Clinical Anatomist

Professor Peter Abrahams, Professor of Clinical Anatomy

Tuesday 16 September 2008Professor Peter Abrahams

Peter was appointed to the chair of Clinical Anatomy in 2007 in response to WMS becoming independent of Leicester University Medical School. Peter studied medicine at The Middlesex Hospital where he won the Lyell gold medal for surgery a career he intended to follow.

Whilst teaching as a demonstrator, he wrote a popular textbook and was consequently offered a lectureship in the University of London. Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the states and he was soon on a career path as a clinical anatomist - always insisting on practising medicine weekly.

UCL appointed him as the Clinical Anatomist and in 1993 he transferred to the same post in the University of Cambridge. He has remained a Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge but his many teaching interests in the developing world have resulted in his being appointed to positions in WHO, the West Indies and South Africa and he still travels the world over as teacher, examiner and advisor.

To this day he practises metropolitan medicine in a multi-ethnic part of London and thrives on the stimulation of his patients cultures, art and medicine. His research interests have wandered from freeze fracture of Schwann cells through radiology and most recently he has come back to his first love - practical procedures and their anatomical basis where today’s pod casts seem most appropriate. He will take you on a colourful trip of anatomy in all its aspects across the globe.